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Genetics of metalaxyl resistance in Phytophthora infestans.

Several sexual crosses involving isolates of Phytophthora infestans of diverse sensitivities to metalaxyl were studied. Metalaxyl sensitivity was determined by comparing the growth of an isolate on metalaxyl-amended agar medium (5 microg/ml) with growth on medium containing no metalaxyl. When both parents had the same phenotype for metalaxyl sensitivity (both resistant or both sensitive), all F1 progeny had the parental phenotype. In two crosses (75 and 76) each involving one sensitive and one resistant parent, however, the progeny segregated 1:1, suggesting that the common resistant parent (Bg8) was heterozygous for metalaxyl sensitivity. When an F2 progeny was constructed from resistant F1 isolates in cross 76, the progeny segregated 1:3 (sensitive:resistant), indicating that metalaxyl resistance in Bg8 is conferred by a single dominant gene. Variation in the progeny sensitivity appears to involve minor genes. A correlation study between metalaxyl resistance and fitness components did not reveal any association.[1]


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