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  • These and clonal analysis data led to the hypothesis that engrailed causes a transformation of posterior to anterior identity in the wing cells [11].
  • We performed exploratory data analyses on a set of 162 primary breast cancers and constructed prognostic indexes of hsp70 expression levels [12].
  • Lessons from Mendel about data analysis [13].
  • The DDLS experimental setup, data analysis, and data on latex particles and yeast cells are presented [14].
  • (1)H NMR shift data analysis also reveals that these functional groups can adjust the orientation that monosubstituted guests adopt within the cavity [15].

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  • CONCLUSIONS: Both in vivo data, as well as the correlation studies, show that AML stem cell frequency at diagnosis offers a new prognostic factor [26].
  • To determine the relationship between conjunctival expression of MIF and accumulation of macrophages, in patients with OCP, a correlation study was performed [27].
  • Additionally, a correlation study was performed, in which safrole was incubated with a series of 15 human liver microsomes, and the 1'-hydroxylation rates obtained were correlated with the activities of these microsomes toward specific substrates for nine different isoenzymes [28].
  • Semen analysis data derived from 5,134 semen samples from a sperm donor bank were correlated with air pollutant levels (ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter < 10 microm in aerodynamic diameter) measured 0-9, 10-14, and 70-90 days before semen collection dates in Los Angeles between January 1996 and December 1998 [29].
  • While correlation studies showed that PC20 values of group 2 subjects significantly correlated with their eosinophil numbers (r = -0.48, P < 0.01) and ECP levels (r = -0.49, P < 0.01), such correlations were not found in group 1 subjects [30].

Associations of Statistics with chemical compounds

  • In a statistical study of neighboring residues in 1465 peptides and proteins comprising 450,431 residues, it was found that the preferences for residues neighboring to glutamine and asparagine residues are consistent with the hypothesis that the rates of deamidation of these residues are of biological significance [31].
  • Competition curve data analysis shows that RNG alpha 2 protein binds to a variety of adrenergic drugs with the following rank order of potency: yohimbine greater than or equal to chlorpromazine greater than or equal to prazosin greater than or equal to clonidine greater than norepinephrine greater than or equal to oxymetazoline [32].
  • Advanced methods of data analysis, which allow the hydroxyl radical reactivity of every nucleotide to be quantified, permit monitoring of each and every structural element of the RNA [33].
  • Oxygen uptake studies of 2-NA oxidation in the presence of glutathione, as well as extensive product analysis data, are consistent with a one-electron mechanism of 2-NA oxidation by PHS [34].
  • Combined data analysis showed a strong correlation between atherosclerotic lesion area and the VLDL+LDL cholesterol level but no correlation with HDL level [35].

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