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Critical role for Atm in suppressing V(D)J recombination-driven thymic lymphoma.

Chromosome translocations involving T cell receptor (TCR) loci have been found in tumors from Ataxia telangiectasia (AT) patients and in mouse Atm-/- thymoma, suggesting the involvement of V(D)J recombination in these malignancies. By introducing a RAG-1 deficiency into Atm-/- mice in the presence of a TCR transgene, we show that V(D)J recombination is critical for thymoma development in these mice. Therefore, aberrant V(D)J recombination, normally suppressed by Atm, facilitates tumorigenic events leading to cancer. Because V(D)J recombination is dispensable for lymphomagenesis upon p53 deficiency, this study also indicates that Atm and p53 function by distinct mechanisms in suppressing thymoma.[1]


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