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Overexpression of calreticulin fails to abolish its induction by perturbation of normal ER function.

Along with other endoplasmic reticulum (ER) Ca2+-binding proteins, notably the glucose-response proteins grp78 and grp94, expression of calreticulin is induced in response to perturbation of normal ER function. It has yet to be clearly defined how this stress is signaled from the ER to the nucleus in mammalian cells, particularly with regard to its initiation. Using a GFP-calreticulin fusion protein, we have generated and selected stably transfected HeLa cells that overexpress calreticulin to investigate whether the protein might be involved in signaling its own induction. Basal levels of endogenous calreticulin mRNA and protein were unaffected in these cells, indicating that overexpression alone does not induce a stress response. ER stress induced calreticulin expression in response to either thapsigargin or tunicamycin was equivalent in these cells to that seen in control, nontransfected cells, leading us to conclude that calreticulin is unlikely be involved in its own induction. Levels of the mRNA encoding the fusion protein were also increased by tunicamycin, but not thapsigargin, suggesting that, in agreement with our previous observations, inhibition of N-linked glycosylation may increase the stability of calreticulin mRNA. This indicates that in mammalian cells, there is more than one signaling pathway for the ER stress response.[1]


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