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Genetic analysis of B cell antigen receptor signaling.

In B lymphocytes, a signaling complex that contributes to cell fate decisions is the B cell antigen receptor (BCR). Data from knockout experiments in cell lines and mice have revealed distinct functions for the intracellular protein tyrosine kinases (Lyn, Syk, Btk) in BCR signaling and B cell development. Combinations of intracellular signaling pathways downstream of these PTKs determine the quality and quantity of BCR signaling. For example, concerted actions of the PLC-gamma 2 and PI3-K pathways are required for proper calcium responses. Similarly, the regulation of ERK and JNK responses involves both PLC-gamma 2 and GTPases pathways. Since the immune response in vivo is regulated by alteration of these signaling outcomes, achieving a precise understanding of intracellular molecular events leading to B lymphocyte proliferation, deletion, anergy, receptor editing, and survival still remains a challenge for the future.[1]


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