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Octreotide treatment of chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction secondary to connective tissue diseases.

Chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction (CIPO) is a rare syndrome that may occur in association with connective tissue diseases (CTD). Effective management is a major challenge. We report 3 cases in which subcutaneous octreotide was efficacious in the treatment of digestive symptoms in CIPO. In 2 of the 3 cases, previous treatment with domperidone, cisapride, or erythromycin had been unsuccessful. All 3 patients underwent a regimen of oral antibiotics along with octreotide to stimulate small bowel motility. The effects of octreotide were evident within 48 hours after the first injection in all patients. In 2, the efficacy seemed to decrease after 1 week and 6 months respectively, but increasing the dosage led to another remission. CIPO in CTD is a severe condition that can evolve regardless of the underlying disease activity. Octreotide appears to be efficacious in improving both clinical symptoms and manometric patterns. When its therapeutic effect diminishes, increasing the dosage can be useful.[1]


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