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Masoprocol lowers blood pressure in rats with fructose-induced hypertension.

Rats with fructose-induced hypertension were treated by oral gavage with either masoprocol (nordihydroguaiaretic acid) or vehicle. Masoprocol treatment resulted in significantly (P < .05 to .001) lower values for systolic blood pressure (120 +/- 3 v 164 +/- 5 mm Hg), as well as plasma insulin (30 +/- 5 v 44 +/- 4 microU/mL), free fatty acid (551 +/- 20 v 692 +/- 22 microEq/L), and triglyceride (79 +/- 5 v 219 +/- 32 mg/dL) concentrations. These results indicate that masoprocol, a lipoxygenase inhibitor, is able to lower blood pressure, as well as improve the metabolic abnormalities present in a rodent model of hypertension that simulates the characteristic of many patients with essential hypertension.[1]


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