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Altered outward K(+) currents in Drosophila larval neurons of memory mutants rutabaga and amnesiac.

K(+) currents in cultured Drosophila larval neurons have been classified into four categories according to their inactivation time constants, relative amplitude, and response to K(+) channel blockers 4-AP and tetraethylammonium. The percentage (65%) of neurons displaying K(+) currents which were reduced to 30% in amplitude by 5 mM cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) analog 8-bromo-cAMP in both Drosophila memory mutants rutabaga (rut) and amnesiac (amn) was significantly larger than that (50%) in wild type. This initial characterization provides evidence for altered K(+) currents in both rut and amn mutants. Arachidonic acid, a specifical inhibitor of Kv4 family (shal) K(+) channels, was found to inhibit K(+) currents in cultured Drosophila neurons, suggesting the presence of shal channels in these neurons.[1]


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