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Relationship between mutant amidases of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and hydroxyurea as an inhibitor.

Hydroxyurea inhibited growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain AI 3 on media containing either acetanilide (N-phenyl acetamide) or acetamide as sole carbon sources. Mutants resistant to hydroxyurea inhibition of growth on acetanilide (OUCH strains) and acetamide (AmOUCH strains) displayed altered growth properties on various amide media compared with the parent strain AI3. AI3 amidase, which catalyses the initial step in the metabolism of acetanilide and acetamide, was inhibited by hydroxyurea in a time-dependent reaction that was slowly reversible at pH 7. 2. Compared with AI3 amidase, amidases from the OUCH mutants were much less sensitive to inhibition by hydroxyurea and showed altered substrate specificities and pH/activity profiles; amidases from the AmOUCH mutants were more sensitive to hydroxyurea inhibition but showed increased activity towards acetamide. Association of resistance to hydroxyurea inhibition with a mutation in the amidase structural gene of strain OUCH 4 was confirmed by transduction.[1]


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