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Infantile esotropia in very low birth weight (VLBW) children.

VLBW children are known to have a high frequency of early onset strabismus, which is related to the high prevalence of pre- and perinatal cerebral disturbances reported in these children. It is unknown if the early onset strabismus in VLBW children has the characteristics of infantile esotropia. If so, then (acquired) cerebral damage may play an important role in the origin of this type of strabismus. For this reason, the charts of 265 VLBW children were retrospectively reviewed. Strabismus was present in 55 (20.7%) children. Mean follow-up was 75 weeks, with 29.8% of the children having a follow-up of less then 6 months. Only 5 children (1.9%) with characteristics of infantile esotropia could be identified. Another 8 children (3.0%) possibly had infantile esotropia, but follow-up had been too infrequent during the first year of life to determine the time of onset of strabismus precisely. The other 42 children with strabismus all had ophthalmological disorders (i.e. ROP, optic nerve atrophy, cortical blindness) explaining early disruption of binocular visual development. Therefore, VLBW children are at risk for early onset strabismus. However, infantile esotropia is not typical for VLBW children and may be an indication that early acquired cerebral damage does not play an important role in the pathogenesis of infantile esotropia.[1]


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