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Gene Review

VANGL2  -  VANGL planar cell polarity protein 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: KIAA1215, LPP1, LTAP, Loop-tail protein 1 homolog, MGC119403, ...
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Disease relevance of VANGL2

  • STB1 is moderately expressed in K-562 (leukemia), G-361 (melanoma), and MKN7 (gastric cancer) cells [1].
  • To understand the underlying binding mechanism, binding behaviors of phage particles harboring the STB1 (a high-frequency heptapeptide exhibiting dual binding affinity to both metal oxides) were investigated in a wide pH range using quartz crystal microbalance with energy dissipation measurement (QCM-D) [2].
  • On the other hand, STB1 mRNA was almost undetectable in several human cancer cell lines, and was down-regulated in 4 out of 14 cases of primary kidney tumors, and in 2 out of 3 cases of primary lung cancer [3].
  • STB1 mRNA was moderately expressed in K-562 (chronic myelogenous leukemia), G-361 (melanoma), and MKN7 (gastric cancer) [3].
  • Congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles type 1 (CFEOM1; OMIM #135700) is an autosomal dominant strabismus disorder associated with defects of the oculomotor nerve [4].

Psychiatry related information on VANGL2

  • The role of ocular muscle proprioception in the localization of visual targets has been investigated in normal humans by deviating one eye to create an experimental strabismus [5].
  • Yet they all showed mild mental retardation, hypotonia, cerebellar hypoplasia, and strabismus [6].
  • In this study, we investigated how brief periods of ocular misalignment (strabismus) at the height of the critical period alter the cortical circuits that support binocular vision [7].
  • Dissociations found between the presence and severity of strabismus, stereopsis, amblyopia and optokinetic abnormalities point to these features being relatively independent although associated in typical clusterings [8].
  • PURPOSE: The authors showed earlier that animals reared with certain types of visual sensory deprivation during their first few months of life develop large horizontal strabismus, A/V patterns, and dissociated vertical deviation (DVD) [9].

High impact information on VANGL2


Chemical compound and disease context of VANGL2


Biological context of VANGL2


Anatomical context of VANGL2


Associations of VANGL2 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of VANGL2

  • Further, this report demonstrates that the membrane protein Vangl2 binds selectively to specific PDZ domains in Scrib [28].
  • Congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles type 2 (CFEOM2) is a complex strabismus syndrome that results from mutations in the homeodomain transcription factor PHOX2A [29].

Regulatory relationships of VANGL2

  • Therefore these three more relevant acupoints, BL-10, BL-11 and GB-34 were stimulated to evaluate the antiemetic effect in children undergoing strabismus surgery [30].

Other interactions of VANGL2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of VANGL2

  • STB1 and STB2 might be suitable targets for tissue engineering in the field of re-generative medicine and for chemoprevention and treatment in the field of clinical oncology [1].
  • Her main clinical features are developmental delay, protruding tongue, strabismus, slightly unusual facies, slight micrognathia, and speech delay [36].
  • METHODS: For 262 eyes of 131 children with strabismus (age range, 6 months to 11 years), the radius of the corneal curvature was measured with an auto-keratometer and the anterior chamber depth with an A-scan ultrasound unit under general anesthesia before the surgery [37].
  • Presurgery measurements of egocenter location in the people with strabismus were the same as those found in the other control group of 12 normal children [38].
  • Other procedures, including tonsillectomy, circumcision, and strabismus repair, resulted in about one-half the children experiencing clinically significant pain (> or = 30 mm on a 100 mm VAS) [39].


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