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Basonuclin, a zinc finger protein of keratinocytes and reproductive germ cells, binds to the rRNA gene promoter.

Basonuclin is a protein containing three pairs of C(2)H(2) zinc fingers. The protein has been found in the basal (germinal) cell layer of stratified squamous epithelia, such as the epidermis, and in germ cells of the testis and ovary. We show here that the human protein has specific affinity for a segment of the promoter of the gene for rRNA. Basonuclin interacts with two separate parts of the promoter, each possessing dyad symmetry. The upstream part, but not the downstream part, is known to bind UBF1, a transcription factor for rDNA. Basonuclin is likely to be a cell-type-specific regulatory protein for rDNA transcription.[1]


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