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Effect of clomifene on thyroid function in normal men.

To study the effect on thyroid function 100 mg of clomifene citrate was given once a day to two groups of healthy male volunteers for 5 and 12 consecutive days, respectively. In both groups serum concentrations of TSH, thyroxine, triiodothyronine, T3 resin uptake test and thyroid hormone binding proteins were measured before, during and after oral administration of clomifene. The effect of clomifene treatment was evaluated in Group 1 by means of serum FSH and LH measurements. Further in Group 2 the serum TSH response to iv TRH (200 microgram) was also investigated. The mean per cent elevations in serum concentrations of FSH and LH were 145 and 200, respectively. In Group 1 a small but statistically significant decrease within reference limits in triiodothyronine (P less than 0.01) and free thyroxine index (P less than 0.02) was found on day 4 of clomifene. On day 5 a slight increase in TSH was observed (P less than 0.05). In Group 2 the response of TSH to TRH showed a non-significant increase after 5 days and a significant increase (P less than 0.01) after 12 days of clomifene. Eight days after discontinuation of the drug the response was restored to normal. No changes in the thyroid hormone binding proteins in serum could be demonstrated. Though the observed changes were slight, they indicate that clomifene exerts an influence directly on the thyroid function.[1]


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