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Knowledge, beliefs and practices relevant for malaria control in an endemic urban area of the Colombian Pacific.

Research projects for malaria control must involve communities to elicit strategies to be successful and programs to be sustainable. Therefore, knowledge, beliefs and practices of the population concerned must be taken into account in the design of interventions against malaria transmission. We conducted a KAP study in Buenaventura, a port on the Pacific Coast of Colombia where transmission was on the increase at the beginning of this decade. The purpose of the study was to help in the design and implementation of a primary health care approach for malaria control. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were used. The focus group technique was applied in five urban and peri-urban communities and a cross sectional survey was conducted on a random sample of 1380 subjects with a structured interview on knowledge, practices and also on demographic and epidemiological aspects. The information obtained by the two methods was comparable on knowledge of symptoms, causes and ways of malaria transmission, and prevention practices like the use of bednets or provision of health services. We discuss the relevance of obtaining this information and analyze the elements that must be taken into account for communities to become more involved in malaria control strategies.[1]


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