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Cross-Sectional Studies

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Disease relevance of Cross-Sectional Studies


Psychiatry related information on Cross-Sectional Studies


High impact information on Cross-Sectional Studies


Chemical compound and disease context of Cross-Sectional Studies


Biological context of Cross-Sectional Studies


Anatomical context of Cross-Sectional Studies


Associations of Cross-Sectional Studies with chemical compounds

  • Cross-sectional analysis of data on 39 postpubertal patients (growth less than 1.0 cm during the five years) showed a positive association of membrane thickness to glycosylated hemoglobin (r = 0.53, P = 0.0002) and blood glucose values (r = 0.37, P = 0.01) averaged over the antecedent 2 1/2-year period [31].
  • A comparison of methods for the estimation of plasma low- and very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. The Lipid Research Clinics Prevalence Study [32].
  • DESIGN: Nationally representative cross-sectional survey including questionnaire information from persons aged 2 months and older (n=16818) and measurements of serum cotinine (a metabolite of nicotine) from persons aged 4 years and older (n=10642) [33].
  • DESIGN: Cross-sectional analysis, with projected change at various levels of folic acid fortification [34].
  • Cross-sectional study of a community with exceptional exposure to DDT [35].

Gene context of Cross-Sectional Studies

  • Association of low fetuin-A (AHSG) concentrations in serum with cardiovascular mortality in patients on dialysis: a cross-sectional study [36].
  • METHODS: Blood was collected for analysis in a muticenter, cross-sectional study of RA patients who had been receiving MTX for at least 1 month prior to enrollment, and side effects occurring at the time of a single study visit were recorded [37].
  • Cross-sectional analysis of neurological deficit, functional deficit and MNCV according to disease duration showed that, regardless of age at onset, CMT1A disease with 17p11.2 duplication is a clinically progressive disorder [38].
  • METHODS: A cross-sectional analysis of CCR5 expression was carried out on CD4 and CD8 T lymphocytes of 11 HGV-positive and 12 HGV-negative persons, who were homozygous for the CCR5 wild-type gene [39].
  • To study the role of serum testosterone (T), estradiol (E(2)), and SHBG as regulators of peak bone mass and bone turnover rate in males, a cross-sectional study with data on lifestyle factors collected retrospectively was performed in 204 young Finnish men, 18.3-20.6 yr old [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cross-Sectional Studies


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