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Urethral diverticulum presenting with chronic pelvic pain: a case report.

Urethral diverticula are rarely encountered in the gynecologic out-patient setting. However, this condition probably occurs more frequently than it is diagnosed. The patient frequently notes signs of lower urinary tract irritation. Urinary dribbling accompanied with dyspareunia and dysuria constitutes a classic triad for urethral diverticula. Symptoms of chronic pelvic pain only occur in a minority of patients. We report a case of urethral diverticulum presenting chiefly with chronic pelvic pain. The patient underwent multiple investigative operations before a correct diagnosis was made. When confronted with a patient presenting with chronic pelvic pain, a gynecologist should retain a high index of suspicion for a urethral diverticulum in addition to other gynecologic conditions.[1]


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