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A seasonal schedule for maintenance ECT.

The case of a patient with bipolar disorder is presented to illustrate that past clinical course may suggest flexible scheduling strategies for maintenance ECT (MECT), which will allow some patients to be successfully treated with the fewest number of ECT. For 7 years prior to MECT, manic episodes regularly occurred during early summer and late autumn/early winter. ECT rapidly aborted the mania in the two episodes prior to referral for MECT. Given the rhythmicity of his manic episodes, MECT was begun by giving four outpatient ECT during the two at-risk periods each year to both abort and prevent affective episodes and to stop cycling. No breakthrough hypomania occurred by the third such period, and the ECT was reduced to three ECT for the following period and two for the next. The patient had no significant affective episodes or hospitalizations during the 3 years of MECT. He continued maintenance lithium carbonate between ECT. This treatment strategy has allowed the patient to maintain stability in his employment and personal life.[1]


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