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Disease relevance of Hospitalization


Psychiatry related information on Hospitalization


High impact information on Hospitalization

  • RESULTS: As compared with placebo, carvedilol lowered the risk of death from any cause or hospitalization for any reason by 48 percent in black patients and by 30 percent in nonblack patients [10].
  • CONCLUSIONS: In children with burns, treatment with propranolol during hospitalization attenuates hypermetabolism and reverses muscle-protein catabolism [11].
  • METHODS: We studied the effects of ADL 8-2698, an investigational opioid antagonist with limited oral absorption that does not readily cross the blood-brain barrier, on postoperative gastrointestinal function and the length of hospitalization [12].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Selective inhibition of gastrointestinal opioid receptors by an antagonist with limited oral absorption that does not readily cross the blood-brain barrier speeds recovery of bowel function and shortens the duration of hospitalization [12].
  • BACKGROUND: Beta-blocking agents reduce the risk of hospitalization and death in patients with mild-to-moderate heart failure, but little is known about their effects in severe heart failure [13].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hospitalization


Biological context of Hospitalization


Anatomical context of Hospitalization


Associations of Hospitalization with chemical compounds

  • However, there was no effect on the rate of hospitalization, number of days in the hospital, duration of treatment with parenteral antibiotics, or number of culture-positive infections [29].
  • CONCLUSIONS: There were significantly fewer venous thromboembolic complications in patients undergoing elective hip replacement when prophylaxis with enoxaparin was given for a total of one month, rather than only during the hospitalization [30].
  • In this study, we assessed the temporal patterns of cocaine use, psychiatric symptoms, and psychiatric hospitalization in a sample of schizophrenic patients receiving disability income [31].
  • During the prednisone period there were 21 emergency room visits and 10 hospitalizations, but there were none during the triamcinolone period (P less than 0.05) [32].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Among children with a severe exacerbation of asthma, the addition of ipratropium bromide to albuterol and corticosteroid therapy significantly decreases the hospitalization rate [19].

Gene context of Hospitalization

  • The OR of surviving without cardiac transplantation >/=5 years after initial hospitalization for CHF symptoms was 8.6 times greater (95% CI: 3.05, 23.87) in those patients carrying >/=1 mutant AMPD1 allele than in those carrying 2 wild-type AMPD1 +/+ alleles [33].
  • MEASUREMENTS: Association between preinfection tumor necrosis factor (TNF), interleukin 6 (IL-6), and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels and CAP requiring hospitalization [34].
  • CONCLUSION: In the well-functioning elderly subjects, preinfection systemic levels of TNF and IL-6 were associated with higher risk of CAP requiring hospitalization in smokers and those with coexisting medical conditions [34].
  • PARTICIPANTS AND MEASURES: After excluding participants taking glucocorticoids or antibiotics or those with recent hospitalization, 467 men, aged 65 yr or older, had complete determinations of total T, bioavailable T, SHBG, albumin, IL-6, soluble IL-6 receptor (sIL-6r), TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, and C-reactive protein [35].
  • Similarly, in these hypertensive patients studied at the time of hospitalization, CRF-BP levels were lower whereas those of CRF were higher than levels in healthy patients (P < 0.01) [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hospitalization

  • During the 12 months following implementation of the PPS, Wisconsin's institutionalized elderly Medicaid population experienced a 72% increase in the rate of hospitalization and a 26% decline in hospital length of stay [37].
  • Nitrous oxide analgesia was used in the management of the terminal hospitalization of four adolescents and one child with disseminated cancer [38].
  • General changes in medical care from 1970 to 1975, combined with the introduction of laparoscopy, averted 1,363,000 nights of hospitalization for tubal sterilization in 1975 [39].
  • MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Administration of reperfusion therapy on admission, aspirin during hospitalization, and beta-blockers and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors at discharge for patients meeting strict inclusion criteria; mortality at 30, 60, and 90 days and 2 years after admission [40].
  • For patients treated by hepatic arterial infusion in Paris, the hepatic arterial infusion pump, initial hospitalization, and the entire process (including follow-up and complications) cost, on average, $8400, $15172, and $29562, respectively; in Palo Alto, these costs were $4700, $13784, and $25 208, respectively [41].


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