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Syndactyly of Ft/+ mice correlates with an imbalance in bmp4 and fgf8 expression.

The most obvious phenotype of Ft/+ mice is a syndactyly of fore limbs characterised by a fusion of the tips of digits 1 to 4. The tempospatial expression of genes involved in limb development revealed that patterning of Ft/+ limb buds is not affected by the mutation. However, an upregulation of Bmp4 in the anterior-distal region of the limb bud at d12.0 of embryonic development is accompanied by a loss of Fgf8 expression in the distal part of the AER. Downstream target genes of Bmp action such as Msx1 and 2 are upregulated. This induction of the signalling cascade indicates ectopic expression of functional Bmp4. Nevertheless, analysis of physical parameters of bones from adult mice revealed a reduction of the bone mass of the autopod. The data suggest a negative effect of Bmp4 on Fgf8 expression and a positive influence on the induction of bone elements.[1]


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