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Mapping of five subtype genes for muscarinic acetylcholine receptor to mouse chromosomes.

Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in mammals consist of five subtypes (M1-M5) encoded by distinct genes. They are widely expressed throughout the body and play a variety of roles in the peripheral and central nervous systems. Although their pharmacological properties have been studied extensively in vitro, colocalization of the multiple subtypes in each tissue and lack of subtype-specific ligands have hampered characterization of the respective subtypes in vivo. We have mapped mouse genomic loci for all five genes (Chrm1-5) by restriction fragment length variant (RFLV) analyses in interspecific backcross mice. Chrm1, Chrm2, and Chrm3 were mapped to chromosome (Chr) 19, 6, and 13, respectively. Both Chrm4 and Chrm5 were mapped to Chr 2. Although a comparison of their map positions with other mutations in their vicinities suggested a possibility that the El2 (epilepsy 2) allele might be a mutation in Chrm5, sequencing analyses of the Chrm5 gene in the El2 mutant mice did not support such a hypothesis.[1]


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