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Expression of Xenopus T-box transcription factor, tbx2 in Xenopus embryo.

We report here the cloning and expression of the Xenopus orthologue of the T-box transcription factor gene Tbx2 (optomotor-blind in Drosophila). Tbx2 is first detected in the ventral mesodermal cells just above the yolk plug at late gastrula. At the neurula stage it is strongly expressed in the cement gland, dorsal root ganglia, and otic vesicle region. At the tailbud stage strong Tbx2 expression is observed in the dorsal part of the optic cup and trigeminal ganglia, and it is also expressed in the branchial arches, heart anlage, nasal pit, proctodeum, and the region around the pronephros.[1]


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