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Gene Review

bi  -  bifid

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BI, CG3578, Dm-OMB, Dm-omb, Dmel\CG3578, ...
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Disease relevance of bi


High impact information on bi


Biological context of bi


Anatomical context of bi


Associations of bi with chemical compounds

  • Amperometric measurements were performed at 100 mV and -150 mV relative to the Ag/AgCl reference electrode for the mono-enzyme and bi-enzyme systems [12].

Regulatory relationships of bi

  • Mosaic analysis indicates that brk-expressing cells produce a short-range signal that can induce vein formation in adjacent omb-expressing cells [4].
  • We present evidence that Hedgehog induces X production by driving optomotor blind expression [13].

Other interactions of bi

  • The lack of optomotor-blind produces massive cell death in its expression domain, which leads to the mis-activation of the Notch pathway and the overproliferation of lateral wing cells [5].
  • Comparison of the expression profiles of H15 and optomotor-blind to the Drosophila patterns suggests modifications also in the dorsal-ventral patterning system of the legs [14].
  • At the core of the locus lies a lethal complementation group, named l(1)omb, whose mutations cause larval and pupal lethality [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of bi


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