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Systemic fluoride. Sources, amounts, and effects of ingestion.

Fluoride may be ingested from a variety of sources, including many foods and beverages. Fluoride intake varies greatly among individuals and is dependent on dietary constituents and use of fluoride products. Although ingestion of toxic amounts of fluoride is rare, the prevalence of dental fluorosis has increased in North America, suggesting that the levels of fluoride ingestion need to be closely monitored. Care should be taken to avoid excessive ingestion of fluoride dentifrice by preschool-aged children by placement of a small, pea-sized quantity on the tooth-brush. Dietary fluoride supplements should be considered a targeted, preventive procedure only for those at elevated caries risk, and before prescribing them, careful consideration should be given to other fluoride sources, including home and child-care water supplies, foods, and beverages.[1]


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