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Fluorosis, Dental

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Disease relevance of Fluorosis, Dental


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High impact information on Fluorosis, Dental

  • In areas where fluoride concentrations exceeded 4 mg/l the prevalence of dental fluorosis reached 100% [5].
  • Ire1 levels appeared induced by fluoride treatment, indicating that ER stress may play a role in dental fluorosis [6].
  • Despite some studies correlating dental fluorosis (DF) and fluoride (F) concentration in dental enamel, no information is available about DF and dentin F concentration [7].
  • In the last two decades, increasing fluoride exposure in various forms and vehicles is most likely the explanation for an increase in the prevalence of mild-to-moderate forms of dental fluorosis in many communities, not the least in those in which controlled water fluoridation has been established [8].
  • However, in Beni Mellal, more than 96% of the dentate subjects examined were free of dental fluorosis, and the CFI of 0.02 was considered not significant [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Fluorosis, Dental

  • About 36% of all children had dental fluorosis, ranging from 12.2 in Cadillac to 51.2 in Richmond (1.2 ppm) [10].
  • OBJECTIVE: To assess the association between dental fluorosis, one of the most common developmental tooth enamel defects, and amoxicillin use during early childhood [11].
  • The classification system includes 10 scores designed to characterize the degree of dental fluorosis affecting buccal/lingual and occlusal surfaces [12].

Biological context of Fluorosis, Dental


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Gene context of Fluorosis, Dental

  • The prevalence of dental fluorosis was 100%, 92% of all teeth exhibited a TFI score of 4 or higher, and 50% of the children had pitting or more severe enamel damage in at least half the teeth present [22].
  • For each diagnostic syndrome of dental fluorosis, a log-normal distribution was observed on the logarithm of urinary fluoride concentration in students in China. Urinary fluoride content was found to be a primary health indicator of the prevalence of dental fluorosis in the community [23].
  • METHODS: All children were graded for clinical, radiological and dental fluorosis and biochemical estimations were made for serum calcium, serum and urinary fluoride and serum parathyroid hormone [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fluorosis, Dental


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