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Maternal expressed emotion and adjustment in children with epilepsy.

Epilepsy in childhood may alter family relationships but the relevance of these changes for the increased rates of psychopathology has been little investigated. This study uses maternal expressed emotion (EE) to examine family relationships of children with epilepsy and the association with high risk for psychiatric disorder. EE was assessed using the Camberwell Family Interview carried out with the mothers of 22 schoolchildren with chronic epilepsy who were attending a general hospital outpatient clinic. Sixteen of these children had similarly aged healthy siblings who served as controls. High risk for psychiatric disorder in the children and mothers was assessed using behavioural, mood, and self-esteem questionnaires completed by mothers, teachers, and children. It was found that mothers showed significantly more emotional overinvolvement and a trend for more hostility towards their children with epilepsy than towards sibling controls. For the 22 children with epilepsy, maternal emotional overinvolvement was not associated with child behavioural deviance. High levels of criticism and, to a lesser extent, hostility did show associations with child behavioural deviance, and the strongest links were between maternal criticism and maternal rated antisocial and overactive behaviour in the child. Fewer positive comments by mothers towards the children were associated with child emotional symptoms and lower self-esteem in a number of areas. This study suggests that further research could consider the appropriateness of psychological intervention for families in which mothers are critical and hostile and whose children show antisocial behaviour.[1]


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