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Expressed Emotion

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  • Measures of family attitudes (expressed emotion [EE]) and interactional behaviors (affective style [AS]), both of which have been found to predict relapse in schizophrenia, were obtained from key relatives of 23 hospitalized recently manic bipolar patients [4].
  • Dose of fluphenazine, familial expressed emotion, and outcome in schizophrenia. Results of a two-year controlled study [5].
  • The critical comments component of expressed emotion significantly predicted glucose control, suggesting that the expressed emotion construct is not specific to psychiatric patients [6].
  • Comparisons were made between two patient groups from households of high expressed emotion (HEE): one group received a nine-month family intervention (HEE Intervention) and the other group routine treatment (HEE Control) [7].
  • Expressed emotion and lithium prophylaxis [8].

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