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Tenascin expression and angiogenesis in breast cancers.

The expression and the distribution of tenascin as well as the extent of blood vessel formation (angiogenesis) were investigated in 70 invasive human breast carcinomas. Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded specimens were stained with monoclonal antibody against tenascin-C (DAKO and Biogenex). Anti-CD31 antibody (Biogenex), an acknowledged marker of stromal angiogenesis, was used to detect endothelial cells. Tenascin immunostaining was positive in the tumours around the persisting normal ducts, around tumour-cell nests, in the neostroma, in some tumour cells, and it was found in or around vascular channels. Tumour vascularity was assessed by quantitative vascular grading (Chalkley point count) and was related to the localization and intensity of tenascin immunoreactivity. 19 tumours (27.1%) were scored as low, 35 (50%) as medium, and 16 (22.9%) as having a high vascular grade. The positive correlation between the vascular grade and the tenascin immunopositivity in tumour stroma was observed. Our results suggest that tenascin expression may be associated with endothelial cell activation and may play an important role in tumour angiogenesis.[1]


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