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Partial cloning and sequencing of chick fibrillin-1 cDNA.

The recent identification of numerous matrix genes and gene products has allowed a detailed examination of their roles in development. Two of these extracellular matrix proteins, fibrillin-1 and fibrillin-2, are components of the elastin-associated microfibrils. Given what is known about the distribution of the fibrillins in normal tissues and the abnormalities that result when mutations occur, a basic hypothesis has emerged: fibrillin-1 is primarily responsible for load bearing and providing structural integrity, whereas fibrillin-2 may be a director of elastogenesis. Nevertheless, examination of phenotypes in disorders caused by mutations in fibrillin-1 or fibrillin-2 suggests some common functions. To better understand these similar and diverse roles, it would be helpful to examine these proteins during chick development. To accomplish this goal, it is first necessary to characterize the chick homologs of the known fibrillins. In this study, the partial chick FBN1 cDNA was identified by polymerase chain reaction-aided cloning as a first step toward elucidating these goals. Sequence analysis indicated that there is striking conservation between chick and mammalian fibrillin-1 at the DNA and protein levels. Antisense and sense riboprobes were synthesized and used in in situ hybridization in stage 14 chick embryos and high levels of FBN1 transcripts were observed in the heart.[1]


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