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Fluoride effect on the activity of enamel matrix proteinases in vitro.

Dental fluorosis is common in individuals exposed to different sources of fluoride during tooth development. The mechanism causing this enamel defect is still unknown. Enamel matrix proteinases play a central role in the maturation of dental enamel, and inhibition of these enzymes by fluoride has been one explanation for dental fluorosis. We have investigated the effect of fluoride on the activity of enamel matrix proteinases using a colorimetric assay, casein zymography, and an enamel protein degradation assay. Fluoride (625 microM to 10 mM) inhibited neither the enzymatic activity of the crude matrix extract nor the activity of individual enamel enzymes separated by SDS-PAGE. The proposition that fluoride could directly inhibit enzymes was not confirmed in this study.[1]


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