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Species-dependent pharmacological properties of the melanocortin-5 receptor.

The genes encoding the melanocortin-3 receptor and melanocortin-5 receptor have been cloned from rhesus monkey. Heterologous expression in CHO cells indicated species dependent in vitro pharmacological properties for the human and rhesus melanocortin-5 receptors. Several peptides including NDP-alpha-MSH, alpha-MSH, MT-II and ACTH1-24 are more potent at the rhesus melanocortin-5 receptor than the human melanocortin-5 receptor by more than 10-fold. In contrast, we found no species difference in pharmacological properties between the human and rhesus melanocortin-3 receptors. Such a species-dependent pharmacological difference for melanocortin-5 receptor appears to be an exception compared to other G protein-coupled receptors from human and rhesus monkey.[1]


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