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Gene structure, expression analysis, and membrane topology of RDH4.

The murine retinol dehydrogenase RDH4 oxidizes several cis-isomers of retinol into their corresponding aldehydes. We have determined the structure of the murine gene, investigated the temporal and spatial expression of the enzyme, and analyzed the membrane topology of the enzyme. The gene has four translated exons, and several alternatively spliced exons in the 5'-untranslated region were identified. Immunohistochemical analysis showed expression of RDH4 in developing and adult mouse eye, particularly in the retinal pigment epithelium. In nonocular adult tissues, including liver, kidney, lung, and skin, RDH4 expression was widespread. The results suggest that RDH4 may have a dual and tissue-specific role in oxidation of 9-cis- and 11-cis-isomers of retinol into 9-cis-retinal and 11-cis-retinal, respectively. Furthermore, the lumenal orientation of the enzyme domain in the ER suggests that oxidation of both cis-isomers of retinol occurs in the ER.[1]


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