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Analysis of epitope-tagged forms of the dyskeratosis congenital protein (dyskerin): identification of a nuclear localization signal.

The X-linked form of the bone marrow failure syndrome Dyskeratosis congenital is caused by mutations in dyskerin, a 514 amino acid protein that is presumed to play a role in ribosome biogenesis. Here we report that dyskerin tagged with the human immunoglobulin epitope localizes to nuclei of transfected HeLa and COS-1 cells. A carboxyl-terminal domain consisting of amino acids 467-475 and encoding KKEKKKSKK is both necessary and sufficient to mediate nuclear entry. Immunoglobulin-tagged dyskerin did not interact with the Fanconi anemia group A protein, FANCA. These results suggest a nuclear role for dyskerin. Moreover, hematopoietic failure observed in both Dyskeratosis congenital and the most common type of Fanconi anemia is unlikely to have a common mechanism resulting from abnormal physical interactions between the respective gene products of these disorders.[1]


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