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The muscle regulatory and structural protein MLP is a cytoskeletal binding partner of betaI-spectrin.

Muscle LIM protein (MLP) is a striated muscle-specific factor that enhances myogenic differentiation and is critical to maintaining the structural integrity of the contractile apparatus. The ability of MLP to regulate myogenesis is particularly interesting since it exhibits multiple subcellular localizations, being found in both nuclear and cytoplasmic compartments. Despite extensive biochemical analyses on MLP, the mechanism(s) by which it influences the myogenic program remains largely undefined. To further examine the role of MLP as a positive myogenic regulator, a yeast two-hybrid screen was employed to identify cytoplasmic-associated MLP binding partners. From this screen, the cytoskeletal protein betaI-spectrin was isolated. Protein interaction assays demonstrate that MLP and betaI-spectrin associate with one another in vivo as well as when tested under several in vitro binding conditions. betaI-spectrin binds specifically to MLP but not to the MLP related proteins CRP1 and CRP2 or to other LIM domain containing proteins. The MLP:beta-spectrin interaction is mediated by the second LIM motif of MLP and by repeat 7 of beta-spectrin. Confocal microscopy studies also reveal that MLP co-localizes with beta-spectrin at the sarcolemma overlying the Z- and M-lines of myofibrils in both cardiac and skeletal muscle tissue. Given that beta-spectrin is a known costamere protein, we propose that sarcolemma-associated MLP also serves as a key costamere protein, stabilizing the association of the contractile apparatus with the sarcolemma by linking the beta-spectrin network to the alpha-actinin crosslinked actin filaments of the myofibril.[1]


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