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Two protein tyrosine phosphatases, Ptp2 and Ptp3, modulate the subcellular localization of the Hog1 MAP kinase in yeast.

The MAP kinase Hog1 transiently accumulates in the nucleus upon activation. Although Hog1 nuclear export correlates with its dephosphorylation, we find that dephosphorylation is not necessary for export. Unexpectedly, a strain lacking the nuclear protein tyrosine phosphatase, Ptp2, showed decreased Hog1 nuclear retention, while a strain lacking the cytoplasmic Ptp3 showed prolonged Hog1 nuclear accumulation, consistent with Ptp2 being a nuclear tether for Hog1 and Ptp3 being a cytoplasmic anchor. In support of this result PTP2 overexpression sequestered Hog1 in the nucleus while PTP3 overexpression restricted Hog1 to the cytoplasm. Thus, Ptp2 and Ptp3 regulate Hog1 localization by binding Hog1.[1]


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