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2-Methylbutyryl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency: a new inborn error of L-isoleucine metabolism.

An 4-mo-old male was found to have an isolated increase in 2-methylbutyrylglycine (2-MBG) and 2-methylbutyrylcamitine (2-MBC) in physiologic fluids. In vitro oxidation studies in cultured fibroblasts using 13C- and 14C-labeled branched chain amino acids indicated an isolated block in 2-methylbutyryl-CoA dehydrogenase (2-MBCDase). Western blotting revealed absence of 2-MBCDase protein in fibroblast extracts; DNA sequencing identified a single 778 C>T substitution in the 2-MBCDase coding region (778 C>T), substituting phenylalanine for leucine at amino acid 222 (L222F) and absence of enzyme activity for the 2-MBCDase protein expressed in Escherichia coli. Prenatal diagnosis in a subsequent pregnancy suggested an affected female fetus, supporting an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance. These data confirm the first documented case of isolated 2-MBCDase deficiency in humans.[1]


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