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Chemical Compound Review

Isoleucine     (2S,3S)-2-amino-3-methyl- pentanoic acid

Synonyms: Isoleucina, Isoleucinum, Polyisoleucine, L-Ile, iso-leucine, ...
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Biological context of Isoleucine

  • Case I states that liganding of the activator sites must percede substrate-binding at the active site, and Case II states that the activator site liganding is required solely for reactivation of the L-isoleucine-inhibited enzyme [17].
  • Studies on the biosynthesis of paraherquamide: concerning the mechanism of the oxidative cyclization of L-isoleucine to beta-methylproline [18].
  • In the presence of L-leucine or L-isoleucine, however, which both inhibited L-NNA uptake, the IC50 of L-NNA was increased from 1.2 microM to 37 microM but the inhibitory actions of L-NMA remained unaffected [19].
  • Acylation of the (hydroxethyl)hydrazine dipeptide isostere with the L-tert-leucine derivative 29 increased the oral bioavailability significantly when compared to the corresponding L-valine or L-isoleucine derivatives [20].
  • In order to identify the system responsible for L-isoleucine export, we have used transposon mutagenesis to isolate mutants of C. glutamicum sensitive to the peptide isoleucyl-isoleucine [4].

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