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The role of the Arabidopsis ELD1 gene in cell development and photomorphogenesis in darkness.

Because cell growth and differentiation are regulated by complex interactions among different signaling pathways, a growth defect affects subsequent differentiation. We report on a growth-defective mutant of Arabidopsis, called eld1 (elongation defective 1). Cell elongation was impaired in every organ examined. Later characteristics of the eld1 phenotype include defective vascular tissue differentiation, the inability to grow in soil, ectopic deposition of suberin around twisted vascular bundles, the de-etiolation phenotype, and continuation of shoot development and flowering in the dark. The dwarf phenotype of eld1 could not be rescued by treatment with exogenous growth regulators. Because defective cell elongation is the earliest and most universal feature detected in eld1 mutants, control of or activity in cell elongation may be the primary function of the ELD1 gene. The impaired cell growth results in pleiotropic effects on cell proliferation and differentiation, and the retardation in hypocotyl elongation enables growth and development in darkness.[1]


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