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ACX3, a novel medium-chain acyl-coenzyme A oxidase from Arabidopsis.

In a database search for homologs of acyl-coenzyme A oxidases (ACX) in Arabidopsis, we identified a partial genomic sequence encoding an apparently novel member of this gene family. Using this sequence information we then isolated the corresponding full-length cDNA from etiolated Arabidopsis cotyledons and have characterized the encoded recombinant protein. The polypeptide contains 675 amino acids. The 34 residues at the amino terminus have sequence similarity to the peroxisomal targeting signal 2 of glyoxysomal proteins, including the R-[I/Q/L]-X5-HL-XL-X15-22-C consensus sequence, suggesting a possible microsomal localization. Affinity purification of the encoded recombinant protein expressed in Escherichia coli followed by enzymatic assay, showed that this enzyme is active on C8:0- to C14:0-coenzyme A with maximal activity on C12:0-coenzyme A, indicating that it has medium-chain-specific activity. These data indicate that the protein reported here is different from previously characterized classes of ACX1, ACX2, and short-chain ACX (SACX), both in sequence and substrate chain-length specificity profile. We therefore, designate this new gene AtACX3. The temporal and spatial expression patterns of AtACX3 during development and in various tissues were similar to those of the AtSACX and other genes expressed in glyoxysomes. Currently available database information indicates that AtACX3 is present as a single copy gene.[1]


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