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Disease relevance of Glyoxysomes

  • E. coli isocitrate lyase, like the enzyme from other prokaryotes, is located in the cytoplasm, whereas in plants, protozoa, algae and fungi this enzyme is found localized in glyoxysomes [1].

High impact information on Glyoxysomes


Biological context of Glyoxysomes


Anatomical context of Glyoxysomes


Associations of Glyoxysomes with chemical compounds

  • Peroxisomal ascorbate peroxidase (APX) is a carboxyl tail-anchored, type II (N(cytosol)-C(matrix)) integral membrane protein that functions in the regeneration of NAD(+) in glyoxysomes of germinated oilseeds and protection of peroxisomes in other organisms from toxic H(2)O(2) [15].
  • Ascorbate peroxidase. A prominent membrane protein in oilseed glyoxysomes [16].
  • NADPH is a specific inhibitor of protein import into glyoxysomes [17].
  • The expression pattern of cat1 was similar to that of malate synthase, a characteristic enzyme of glyoxysomes [18].
  • Alternative system of succinate oxidation in glyoxysomes of higher plants [19].

Gene context of Glyoxysomes

  • The temporal and spatial expression patterns of AtACX3 during development and in various tissues were similar to those of the AtSACX and other genes expressed in glyoxysomes [20].
  • Immunoblot analysis using fractions collected on a Percoll density gradient confirmed that GPK1 is localized in glyoxysomes [7].
  • In addition to the chaperones located at the surface of glyoxysomes, two isoforms of Hsp70 and one soluble form of DnaJ protein were detected in the glyoxysomal matrix [21].
  • Each of the four populations exhibited cytochrome c oxidase (COX) activity and contained mitochondrial DNA and cardiolipin; plastid and glyoxysome content were found to be relatively low [22].
  • Dihydrofolate reductase, a cytoplasmic protein, neither bound to nor imported into the glyoxysomes [23].


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