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Effects of nefazodone on the immune system of mice.

Mice exposed to a chronic auditory stressor and treated with nefazodone (10 mg/kg/day s.c.), showed a reduction in stress-induced suppression of thymus and spleen cellularity, and in peripheral T-Iymphocyte population. The in vitro blastogenic response of spleen lymphoid cells to mitogen concanavalin A, the in vitro and in vivo activity of phagocytosis, both measured using the zymosan and carbon clearance tests, respectively, were also assessed and nefazodone was found to partially reverse the inhibitory effect of stress on those parameters. Nefazodone did not significantly affect those parameters in unstressed mice. In conclusion, this report provides evidence on the immunoprotective effects of this novel antidepressant drug against the adverse effects of stress in mice.[1]


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