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Identification and expression of a novel type I procollagen C-proteinase enhancer protein gene from the glaucoma candidate region on 3q21-q24.

A novel human Type I procollagen C-proteinase enhancer protein-like gene, PCOLCE2, was identified by sequencing an EST in the primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) region on 3q21. The total cDNA encoded a 415-amino-acid protein that has 43% identity to the Type I procollagen C-proteinase enhancer protein (PCOLCE1). PCOLCE2 contains two CUB domains, which are thought to be involved in protein-protein interactions, and an NTR module. PCOLCE2 message is expressed in the trabecular meshwork, lungs, heart, brain, liver, skeletal muscle, kidney, pancreas, and placenta as a 2-kb message. PCOLCE2, a 52-kDa protein, is expressed in the trabecular meshwork. A novel gene, PCOLCE2, has been identified and characterized. Based upon its homology with collagen-binding proteins, its expression in the trabecular meshwork, and its chromosome location, PCOLCE2 is a candidate gene for GLC1C. However, no coding sequence mutations were detected in PCOLCE2 in a POAG patient from the GLC1C family.[1]


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