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Trabecular Meshwork

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Disease relevance of Trabecular Meshwork


High impact information on Trabecular Meshwork

  • A gene encoding a trabecular meshwork protein (TIGR) mapped to the narrowest disease interval by STS content and radiation hybrid mapping [6].
  • In the human eye, optimedin is expressed in the retina and the trabecular meshwork [7].
  • CYP1B1 gene has previously been mapped within the GLC3A candidate region and its expression in the trabecular meshwork cells has been demonstrated in this study [8].
  • Human trabecular meshwork cells isolated from the eye were plated on type III 7-10 repeats of fibronectin (alpha5beta1 ligand) in the absence or presence of the heparin (Hep) II domain of fibronectin [9].
  • This novel pathway demonstrates a cooperative, rather than antagonistic, role between alpha5beta1 and alpha4beta1 integrins and suggests that interactions between the Hep II domain and alpha4beta1 integrin could modulate the strength of cytoskeleton-mediated processes in the trabecular meshwork of the human eye [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Trabecular Meshwork


Biological context of Trabecular Meshwork


Anatomical context of Trabecular Meshwork


Associations of Trabecular Meshwork with chemical compounds


Gene context of Trabecular Meshwork


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Trabecular Meshwork


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