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Calculi complicating a renal transplant.

Four months after a cadaver kidney transplant, kidney stones were found in the renal allograft. Three major predisposing causes of nephrolithiasis were found in the patient, including hyperparathyroidism, renal tubular acidosis, and urinary tract infection. Hypercalcemia was corrected by parathyroidectomy. During the subsequent three years there was no enlargement of the renal stones and adequate kidney function was maintained. Renal tubular acidosis was not severe and seemed to be related to chronic rejection. Urinary tract infection was readily corrected with antibiotics and did not recur after the immediate post-transplant period. Surgical therapy for nephrolithiasis involving a kidney allograft was defferred since urinary flow was not obstructed. This course of management is recommended for use in patients with calculi complicating renal transplantation.[1]


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