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Disease relevance of Parathyroidectomy


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  • Patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism who may be candidates for parathyroidectomy should be evaluated for aluminum excess before surgery, so that treatment with aluminum chelation may be considered [7].
  • This hypothesis was supported by the findings that the attenuated PTH-sensitive Na+/Ca2+ exchange activity, cAMP formation, and adenylate cyclase activity in cells from old rats could be reversed by parathyroidectomy [8].
  • After parathyroidectomy, sBGP slowly returned to normal values within 2-6 mo, suggesting that sBGP reflects increased bone turnover rather than a direct effect of parathyroid hormone on BGP synthesis at the cell level [9].
  • To disclose a parathyroid-independent calcium modulation of phosphate transport along the nephron, the effect of increasing plasma calcium concentration to subnormal levels in rats 6 days after parathyroidectomy (chronic PTX) was studied [10].
  • Parathyroidectomy per se increased apical membrane NHE-3 activity and antigen [11].

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