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Donor organ transmission of varicella zoster due to cardiac transplantation.

BACKGROUND: We report a case of donor-transmitted varicella zoster viral (VZV) infection in a cardiac transplant recipient. A 15-month-old girl developed primary VZV infection 12 days after cardiac transplantation. The donor suffered from varicella 2 weeks before death from pneumococcal meningitis. METHODS: Despite treatment of the seronegative recipient with intravenous acyclovir from the time of surgery, she developed symptoms of fever, a nonspecific macular rash, and small palatal vesicles. RESULTS: After rapid diagnostic confirmation by direct immunofluorescence on vesicular fluid, high-dose intravenous acyclovir was commenced. In addition, the cyclosporine dose was reduced by 25%. The child made a quick and uncomplicated recovery. CONCLUSIONS: Donor organ transmission of VZV has not, to our knowledge, been previously reported. It occurred despite treatment with acyclovir and resulted in an atypical cutaneous eruption. It responded to an increased dose of acyclovir and a reduced level of immunosuppression.[1]


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