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Chemical Compound Review

Aciclovir     2-amino-9-(2- hydroxyethoxymethyl)-3H- purin...

Synonyms: Activir, Virolex, Zovirax, acyclovir, Avirax, ...
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  • We conclude that acyclovir is better than vidarabine for the treatment of varicella-zoster infection in immunocompromised patients [28].
  • Thus, we conducted a controlled trial comparing long-term administration of ganciclovir with high-dose acyclovir for prevention of CMV infection and disease in liver transplant recipients [29].
  • The 3.3-kbp BamHI fragment containing most of the DNA polymerase gene from isolate 615.8 was purified and used to successfully transfer both acyclovir and foscarnet resistance [30].
  • Time to total crusting and healing was accelerated for patients receiving acyclovir plus prednisone compared with patients receiving two placebos; the risk ratios were 2.27 (95% Cl, 1.46 to 3.55) for total crusting and 2.07 (Cl, 1.26 to 3.38) for healing [31].
  • The resultant 100-fold increase in the ratio of the concentrations of acyclovir triphosphate to dGTP should facilitate the binding of the fraudulent nucleotide to its target enzyme, herpes virus-encoded DNA polymerase, and could account for the synergy between A1110U and acyclovir [32].
  • Mitochondrial toxicity is relatively low because acyclovir is activated only in infected cells by the promiscuous viral thymidine kinase and otherwise, mitochondrial toxicity would accumulate during long term treatment [33].

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