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Redox regulation of AMP synthesis in yeast: a role of the Bas1p and Bas2p transcription factors.

Expression of yeast AMP synthesis genes (ADE genes) was severely affected when cells were grown under oxidative stress conditions. To get an insight into the molecular mechanisms of this new transcriptional regulation, the role of the Bas1p and Bas2p transcription factors, known to activate expression of the ADE genes, was investigated. In vitro, DNA-binding of Bas1p was sensitive to oxidation. However, this sensitivity could not account for the regulation of the ADE genes because we showed, using a BAS1-VP16 chimera, that Bas1p DNA-binding activity was not sensitive to oxidation in vivo. Consistently, a triple cysteine mutant of Bas1p (fully resistant to oxidation in vitro) was unable to restore transcription of the ADE genes under oxidative conditions. We then investigated the possibility that Bas2p could be the oxidative stress responsive factor. Interestingly, transcription of the PHO5 gene, which is dependent on Bas2p but not on Bas1p, was found to be severely impaired by oxidative stress. Nevertheless, a Bas2p cysteine-free mutant was not sufficient to confer resistance to oxidative stress. Finally, we found that a Bas1p-Bas2p fusion protein restored ADE gene expression under oxidative conditions, thus suggesting that redox sensitivity of ADE gene expression could be due to an impairment of Bas1p/Bas2p interaction. This hypothesis was further substantiated in a two hybrid experiment showing that Bas1p/Bas2p interaction is affected by oxidative stress.[1]


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