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Physical mapping and evolution of the centromeric class I gene-containing region of the rat MHC.

We physically mapped the centromeric part of the BN rat MHC (RT1n haplotype) in a contig of overlapping P1-derived artificial chromosome (PAC) clones encompassing about 300 kb. The following genes were identified and ordered as: ( Syngap, Hset, Daxx, Bing1)-Tapbp-Rgl2-Ke2-Bing4-B3galt4- Rps18-Sacm2l-RT1-A1-RT1-A2-RT1-A3-Ring1-Ring2-++ +Ke4-Rxrb-Col11a2-RT1-Hb-Ring3-RT1-DMb. Thus, in contrast to other RT1 haplotypes, RT1n contains three class I genes, RT1-A1, RT1-A2, and RT1-A3, mapping between the Sacm2l and Ring1 genes. Comparisons of the sequences flanking the Sacm2L and Ring1 genes in rat, human, and mouse suggest that the class I gene-containing region was inserted between these genes in rat and mouse at a similar position. Thus, this insertion is likely to have occurred in a common ancestor of these rodents, although the presence of a site particularly permissive for insertions cannot be excluded.[1]


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