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Increased CSF volumes are associated with diminished subjective responses to cocaine infusion.

We evaluated the hypothesis that ventricular and cortical CSF volume increases are associated with reductions in the magnitude of euphoric effects produced by intravenous IV cocaine infusion in cocaine dependent (CD) individuals. Eleven CD patients participating in a cocaine-infusion study and eleven control subjects underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Two CSF regions of interest (lateral ventricles and frontal cortex CSF) and two comparison regions (third ventricle and posterior cortex CSF) were measured. Self-reported ratings of the intensity of euphoric response ("high") were obtained from the CD subjects at 3, 10, and 30 minutes after IV administration of cocaine. A significant negative correlation was observed between the volume of the lateral ventricles and subjective ratings of the "high" experienced at 3 minutes, but not at 10 and 30 minutes after cocaine infusion. In contrast, a significant negative correlation between frontal cortex CSF volume and the intensity of euphoric response was observed at 30 minutes after IV cocaine. No significant associations were observed between the volumes of the two comparison regions and any subjective ratings of "high." No significant volume differences were observed between the CD and control groups in any region. The results suggest larger lateral ventricular volumes are associated with a decrease in immediate euphoria while larger frontal cortex CSF volumes are associated with a decrease in the duration of the euphoria induced by cocaine infusion. The age-related brain volume reductions underlying the volume increase in these two CSF spaces may be the neurobiological basis of the age-related reduction in the rates of addiction.[1]


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