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Lateral Ventricles

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Disease relevance of Lateral Ventricles


Psychiatry related information on Lateral Ventricles


High impact information on Lateral Ventricles

  • Disruption of human neural precursor proliferation can give rise to a small brain (microcephaly), and failure of neurons to migrate properly can lead to an abnormal arrest of cerebral cortical neurons in proliferative zones near the lateral ventricles (periventricular heterotopia) [11].
  • To determine whether MCH is involved in the regulation of feeding, we injected MCH into the lateral ventricles of rats and found that their food consumption increased [12].
  • In the brain of adult mice, cells that divide in the subventricular zone of the lateral ventricle migrate up to 5 millimeters to the olfactory bulb where they differentiate into neurons [13].
  • Two micrograms of prostaglandin E2 injected into the lateral ventricle of the brain in rats had the same anorectic and gastrointestinal motor effect as central administration of 0.02 unit of calcitonin [14].
  • Drinking in response to infusion of angiotensin II into the lateral ventricle was not diminished by aqueduct obstruction [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Lateral Ventricles


Biological context of Lateral Ventricles


Anatomical context of Lateral Ventricles


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Gene context of Lateral Ventricles

  • BDNF, NGF, or vehicle solutions were infused continuously in adult female rats either into the lateral ventricle (intracerebroventricularly) or directly into the septum for 2 weeks beginning at the time of the transection [36].
  • After 8-10 days of recovery, either 10 microliters CRF (5 micrograms) or vehicle solution was injected into the lateral ventricle over a 2-min period [37].
  • Chronic neuropeptide Y infusion into the lateral ventricle induces sustained feeding and obesity in mice lacking either Npy1r or Npy5r expression [38].
  • The effects of long-term corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) infusion in the lateral ventricle of the rat on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) axis parameters and on the immune system function were studied [39].
  • In orchiectomized rats, recombinant rat IL-1 alpha and IL-1 beta administered into the lateral ventricles almost equipotently suppressed plasma LH levels [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lateral Ventricles


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